Christmases Past


So, another Christmas is almost gone.  Seems I always get nostalgic late on Christmas Day.  I remember the times when I was a kid, when it seemed like 10 years from one Christmas to the next, instead of 10 minutes!  We always opened presents on Christmas Eve, after my mom had been cooking all day and the house smelled amazing.  We’d gather in the living room with just the tree lights on and open the gifts that I had been eyeing and shaking and dreaming about for weeks.  Then, off to bed early so Santa could come.  Shortly, my dad would wake us with the announcement, “Santa Claus just left!”  My brother, sister, and I would bound out of bed to see the haul.  I was always curious about what Santa had had to say.  My parents would just say he asked if we had all been good, or something lame like that.  I wanted to hear about his adventures delivering toys and presents all over the world!!  Soon, it was back to bed because we’d have to get up early the next morning to head to the grandparents’ houses over in East Mississippi.  We could each take only one new toy with us–what a daunting decision for a little kid to have to make.  Seems we’d hardly get out of the driveway before I was doubting the wisdom of my choice!!  Once my brother got a little reel-to-reel tape recorder.  He and my cousin Larry recorded creepy noises on it and then locked me in Larry’s closet with it.  They took off for parts unknown while I pounded on the closet door, all the time knowing that my seriously hearing impaired Aunt Margaret would never open the door!!

These days Christmas is a quiet day.  Just my brother, sister, brother-in-law, and I.  Happy to be together and still able to open presents..


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