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DAY 28!!!!


I simply cannot believe that I’m on day 28 of my Whole30 challenge!!  7 meals left, as my friend Judy likes to count it down.  It’s really not been quite as difficult as I expected that it would be.  I have been experiencing a little of the food boredom these past few days, and I actually salivate copiously when I think about my upcoming glass of wine!!  We have made reservations for brunch on Saturday, but I am not going to totally blow it out, I promise!!  A little celebration, and then back to being (pretty much) compliant.  A Coke Zero, a slice of cheese, a glass of wine here and there–but these will be the exception, not the rule!!

I’ve lost 15 lbs–I know, I know, but for me it’s very motivating–and I want to lose at least 30 more.  I’m already thinking about doing another Whole30 in September.  I’d do it sooner, but I have a lot planned this summer, and I think I’d be setting myself up to fail if I didn’t wait.  But I am feeling great.  I don’t think I’ve ever slept better in my life, and I actually wake up feeling rested.  It was raining this morning, and I was surprised at how disappointed I was that I couldn’t take my pup for a walk.  I’ve started an exercise routine with dumbells, and man, are my legs sore.  Feels good to be really making good, healthy choices for myself, something I’ve rarely done in my life.

So, I’m gonna hang in there for 2(!) more days, and I will feel extremely proud of myself for persevering!!!


Day 23!!!! One week to go on the Whole30!!!


A week.  Seven days.  22 meals left.  WOO HOO!!  It’s been quite enlightening, I must say.  Main thing I’ve missed?  WINE!!!  A week from tomorrow, I may very well have a glass of wine for breakfast–hey, it’s kinda like grape juice, right?!?!  I will roll it around in my mouth and just relish the feel and taste.  Mmmmmmm…  Oh, sorry, I kinda went away for a second there.  

I’m going to a concert in New Orleans next month (assuming that Paul McCartney improves enough to continue his tour), and I’ve already been thinking about how not to completely blow everything while I’m there.  It’s gonna be tricky, that’s for sure, but I’m up for the challenge.  Palace Cafe for Shrimp Tchefuncte (which I would request for my last meal were I on death row) is a must, but I’ll at least request it without the rice.  Not sure how I’ll manage to be compliant at Pat O’s, but I’ll do what I can…

Anyway, can’t believe it’s gone by as quickly as it has.  It’s been quite the eye-opener!!!  Hanging in there!!



Almost Down to Single Digits!!! Whole30 Day 20!!!!


Wow, I can’t believe that tomorrow marks three weeks gone of my Whole30 adventure!!  It’s been a cool experience, I have to say.  Although I’m a little tired of having to fix all my meals (well, most of them anyway), I really do think I feel better.  I know I’m sleeping better, and I can sure tell it when I’m out walking my dog before 5:30 a.m.  My energy level has gotten a boost, and I have an sense of accomplishment, even though I’m not totally finished yet, I am confident that I’m going to make it. 

My dread of a life without Coke Zero, wine, and cheese was unfounded.  Yes, I miss them all, but I’ve never REALLY been tempted to cheat.  I want to prove to myself that I can stick to it til the bitter end.  I will most likely continue with a “modified” Paleo–I just love a glass of wine with my dinner, and an occasional Coke Zero surely won’t kill me.  Hell, 8 or 9 a day didn’t kill me!!!  But I know my consumption had gotten totally out of hand, so this has been a real step in the right direction.  Honestly, though, I’m not sure I’d have made it without LaCroix sparkling waters.  Life without fizz just ain’t worth living!!!

Tonight I learned that a chicken breast dredged in almond flour just doesn’t turn out quite like I wanted it to, but it was still good.  Just a little mealy!!  Anyway, 10 more days and I will be doing a happy dance and feeling very proud of myself!! 

Comeback Sauce–If you’ve never heard of it, just see what you’ve been missing!!!!


If you’re from Mississippi, you know what Comeback Sauce is.  If you’re not from Mississippi, you need to be enlightened.  Comeback Sauce is a little bit of heaven right here on earth.  We use it for a salad dressing, to dip our boiled shrimp , veggies, chips, whatever in.  I grew up with it, and when I was a little kid, I thought that’s what salad dressing WAS.  My mom always had it in the fridge, and we loved it.  It’s a little like Thousand Island dressing, but a million times better.  So, when I decided to do the Whole30 (and maybe continue with Paleo afterwards), the thought of never having Comeback again was just depressing.  So, this morning I made it my goal to take my mom’s recipe and use it to concoct a Paleo/Whole30 version.  Imagine my excitement when it turned out really good!!!  You might even say delicious!!  A couple of friends of mine dropped by and I made them taste test it for me, and they both gave it a thumbs up.  So, I thought I’d share the recipe here.  Before you start on the actual sauce, you’ll need Paleo mayo and ketchup.  I use the mayo recipe from Well Fed Paleo, and I think it’s the same one that’s in It Starts with Food.  I found the (simple) ketchup recipe at  So, once you have that you’re ready to get started.

Paleo Comeback Sauce

1/2 c. mayo

1/4 c. ketchup

1/2 T. prepared mustard

1-2 cloves garlic

1/2 small onion, chopped

2 T. unsweetened applesauce

Dash of coconut aminos

1/2 t. salt, 1/8 t. black pepper

1/2 c. light olive oil

Put all ingredients except the oil in the blender and puree til smooth.  Then take the center out of the lid of the blender and drizzle the oil in slowly until it’s all incorporated.  Take a sample and adjust salt and pepper to taste.  Then roll your eyes, and sigh in ecstasy!!!

You can thank me later!!

Day 15–WOW!


Half-way through my Whole30, and this is the best I’ve felt so far.  I slept better last night (since my dog didn’t wake me up at 3:00 a.m. and then go back to sleep, leaving me tossing and turning!!).  Woke up this morning to almost record-breaking cool weather, which instantly put me in a good mood.  Went for a nice walk with my dog, and then came home and had my best breakfast of my Whole30.  I had a BLT wrap–a couple of pieces of bacon, a few grape tomatoes that I halved and added salt and my homemade mayo to, all in a romaine lettuce leaf.  It was SO good!!!  I can see me having this quite often, as it was so delicious that it added to my good mood.  I feel wide awake and full of energy.  I’m even feeling sure that I can easily conquer all the temptations at the baseball game tonight!! 

Whole30 Day 14–Damn Near Half Way!!!


So, here I am two weeks in and only 16 days to go!!  I find myself thinking about how I want to maintain much of what I’m doing now after the Whole30 is done.  I really like eating the fresh vegetables and not having so much junk.  But damn if I’m not going to have one Coke Zero a day!!!  I figure just when I wake up in the morning, to get me going, like people with their cup of coffee.  We’ll see, I may change my mind in 16 days!!!  I haven’t been having too terribly many cravings, thank goodness, but that’s going to be put to the test tomorrow. I’m going to a baseball game, where there’s beer and brats and popcorn and ice cream, pretty much everything I hold holy!!!  The plan is to eat a hamburger patty and drink bottles of water.  We’re taking some pistachios with us since we can’t munch on peanuts.  

Someone asked me if I thought I’d make it the entire 30 days.  My response?  Hell yes!!!  If I’ve given up Coke Zero, wine, and cheese for this long, it isn’t going to be for naught!!!!!!

Day 8 Whole30


I’ve looked at the timeline, and it seems I’m off by a couple of days.  I have been SOOOO sleepy all day that I just wanted to put my head down on my desk and snooze.  I did have a very brief burst of energy around 3:00 this afternoon, but then the yawns returned.  I have a feeling I’ll be in the bed extra early tonight.

I still feel like I think about food 24 hours a day, and I’m ready for that to go away, but I’m not sure it will.  When I think about it, though, I’ve pretty much done that my whole life.  At least now I’m thinking about food that is healthy and for the most part tasty.  Last night I made some really delicious chile, even without the cheese and sour cream I would usually pile on.  I added yellow and orange bell pepper, and it was really good.  Served it with cauliflower rice, yum. 

One of the hardest things for me is not weighing.  I have to admit, I did get on the scale this morning, I just couldn’t resist–it was there in the bathroom taunting me.  I’ve lost almost 9 lbs, even though I know that’s not the only goal here.  I was very pleased and I think it helped with my motivation.  I can’t swear I won’t do it again before the 30 days are up, but I will TRY not to.


Anyway, only 22 days and 66 meals to go.  I’m gonna hang in there!!