Whole30 Day 5


Well, here it is Day 5 of my Whole30 adventure, and I’m still alive.  Haven’t attacked anyone yet, verbally or physically.  I’m doing okay without Coke Zero, but I have to admit, I think about having one way more than I probably should.  Thank goodness for fizzy water.  Without a little fizz in my life, I might go over the edge!!

Meal planning is a bit of a challenge, and making sure to have the correct ratio of meat to veggies is something I’m still working on.  I hope it will become second nature, but at this point, it feels like work.  I don’t mind all the cooking, in fact I really enjoy it.  But all those damn dirty dishes are taking up TOO much of my time!!!

My friend Judy is counting down the meals, which cracks me up.  Day 1, after breakfast, she sent me a text, “One meal down, 98 to go!!”  Gave me a smile early on that first, kinda scary, day.

So far my favorite thing is homemade mayonnaise.  I absolutely love making it–who knew it would be so easy?  Watching the oil magically change into mayo in the blender fascinates me no end.  And then I get to eat this lovely concoction.  YUM!!  

Anyway, I really think I’ll be able to make it.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.  If anyone out there reading this is also taking this interesting challenge, best of luck, let’s hang in there!!




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  1. LaCroix is saving my life!!! I discovered that mixing Grapefruit or Peach/Pear half and half with iced tea is a really refreshing drink!! A good way to get my caffeine in since I’m not a coffee drinker. But oh, a Coke Zero sounds so good!!!

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