Whole30 Day 6…But Who’s Counting???


So, yesterday I was a little tired, but nothing really bad.  Today I’m cranky, but I kinda have a reason to be.  It started out okay…woke up early and took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  Well, let me rephrase that–she took me for a drag around the neighborhood!!  She’s less than 10 lbs, but she’s strong and scrappy.  Anyway, came back home and had breakfast, a scrambled egg, small sausage patty (homemade), and a few grape tomatoes in a coconut wrap with some salsa.  Really quite tasty.  I managed to drink a whole glass of unsweetened iced tea, something I’ve never done in my entire life!!  Then got ready for work.  As I was gathering up my lunch, etc., the dog went back out into the back yard.  No big deal, until I realize the yard guy is here, and I know that any second he will open the gate.  Of course, Stella decided that this was the morning that she would not respond to my calls.  So I had to tromp across the wet grass, and when I get to her, she looks up at me like, “Oh, did you need me?  Well, let me run back in the house now!!”  Brat.  Wrote a check for the yard guy and was going to tape the envelope to the door.  Finding tape was a challenge.  Now I am officially running late.  Crap!!  So I get in the car and head out for work.  I felt like my car must be invisible, because THREE times people just forged over into my lane without any concern that I was there.  Nerves jangling at this point.  Almost to work and I realize I forgot my cell phone.  Double Crap!!!  Jonesing for a Coke Zero BIG TIME!!!  But I did not cave.  Another glass of iced tea, then a lime flavored fizzy water.  

I think I can, I think I can…



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