Whole30 Day 14–Damn Near Half Way!!!


So, here I am two weeks in and only 16 days to go!!  I find myself thinking about how I want to maintain much of what I’m doing now after the Whole30 is done.  I really like eating the fresh vegetables and not having so much junk.  But damn if I’m not going to have one Coke Zero a day!!!  I figure just when I wake up in the morning, to get me going, like people with their cup of coffee.  We’ll see, I may change my mind in 16 days!!!  I haven’t been having too terribly many cravings, thank goodness, but that’s going to be put to the test tomorrow. I’m going to a baseball game, where there’s beer and brats and popcorn and ice cream, pretty much everything I hold holy!!!  The plan is to eat a hamburger patty and drink bottles of water.  We’re taking some pistachios with us since we can’t munch on peanuts.  

Someone asked me if I thought I’d make it the entire 30 days.  My response?  Hell yes!!!  If I’ve given up Coke Zero, wine, and cheese for this long, it isn’t going to be for naught!!!!!!


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