Day 23!!!! One week to go on the Whole30!!!


A week.  Seven days.  22 meals left.  WOO HOO!!  It’s been quite enlightening, I must say.  Main thing I’ve missed?  WINE!!!  A week from tomorrow, I may very well have a glass of wine for breakfast–hey, it’s kinda like grape juice, right?!?!  I will roll it around in my mouth and just relish the feel and taste.  Mmmmmmm…  Oh, sorry, I kinda went away for a second there.  

I’m going to a concert in New Orleans next month (assuming that Paul McCartney improves enough to continue his tour), and I’ve already been thinking about how not to completely blow everything while I’m there.  It’s gonna be tricky, that’s for sure, but I’m up for the challenge.  Palace Cafe for Shrimp Tchefuncte (which I would request for my last meal were I on death row) is a must, but I’ll at least request it without the rice.  Not sure how I’ll manage to be compliant at Pat O’s, but I’ll do what I can…

Anyway, can’t believe it’s gone by as quickly as it has.  It’s been quite the eye-opener!!!  Hanging in there!!




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