DAY 28!!!!


I simply cannot believe that I’m on day 28 of my Whole30 challenge!!  7 meals left, as my friend Judy likes to count it down.  It’s really not been quite as difficult as I expected that it would be.  I have been experiencing a little of the food boredom these past few days, and I actually salivate copiously when I think about my upcoming glass of wine!!  We have made reservations for brunch on Saturday, but I am not going to totally blow it out, I promise!!  A little celebration, and then back to being (pretty much) compliant.  A Coke Zero, a slice of cheese, a glass of wine here and there–but these will be the exception, not the rule!!

I’ve lost 15 lbs–I know, I know, but for me it’s very motivating–and I want to lose at least 30 more.  I’m already thinking about doing another Whole30 in September.  I’d do it sooner, but I have a lot planned this summer, and I think I’d be setting myself up to fail if I didn’t wait.  But I am feeling great.  I don’t think I’ve ever slept better in my life, and I actually wake up feeling rested.  It was raining this morning, and I was surprised at how disappointed I was that I couldn’t take my pup for a walk.  I’ve started an exercise routine with dumbells, and man, are my legs sore.  Feels good to be really making good, healthy choices for myself, something I’ve rarely done in my life.

So, I’m gonna hang in there for 2(!) more days, and I will feel extremely proud of myself for persevering!!!


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