So, I was planning to go to the Paul McCartney concert in New Orleans next week, and was very much looking forward to it.  Alas, Sir Paul is not feeling up to it, so the concert has been postponed until October.  I’m bumming big time.  Not that I won’t still have a great time in the Big Easy, and I certainly won’t mind planning another trip down to NOLA in the fall, but I was just ready for it, you know?  I guess when October gets here I’ll be happy that it got rescheduled.  No need to pout, cause it sure as hell won’t change anything.

I’m sitting here at work avoiding all the things I need to be doing, something I’m really good at these days.  Everything always gets done…says the queen of procrastination.  I have a magnet in my office that says, “Top 10 reasons I procrastinate:  1.   ”  Sums me up completely!!  Of course, that’s only one of my bad habits.  But I suppose we all have our faults.  Some days I feel that I have more than my share!!

I’m still sticking pretty much to the Whole30 eating concept.  I have had a few glasses of wine over the past couple of weeks, and a Coke Zero here and there, but overall I’d say I’m about 90% compliant.  Last night I spent about an hour in my closet trying on old clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in, well, let’s just say quite some time.  I was pleasantly surprised that a lot of them now fit!!  And the pants I’m wearing today are in serious danger of falling off!!  So there’s some great incentive to keep up what I’ve been doing.  Always exciting to have a “new” old wardrobe!!  Tonight I’ll be going out to dinner with the sibs, so I’ll have to be careful not to fall too far off the wagon.  I’m thinking grilled shrimp and some veggies should work okay.

So, here’s to sticking with the plan and seeing results!!  Glad I’ve been able to hang in there!!




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