Monthly Archives: July 2014

Road Trip to Everywhere


I’ve never been a huge fan of road trips, probably because I’ve always had a deadline. In my old age, a long road trip sounds like heaven. I’d love to be able to throw my tent in the trunk and head out to parts unknown. First, I think I’d head toward North Carolina. Spend a few days camping and white water rafting. If it started raining or if I just got tired of the great outdoors, I’d head to the nearest hotel or cabin and chill. Then, I’d be off to Virginia. I’ve had a yen for years to camp in the Shenandoah Valley, maybe hike part of the Appalachian Trail. From there, Williamsburg. Hit the amusement and water parks before heading to DC. I dearly love DC, lived there when I did my travel nursing assignments. Even though I’ve done most of the museums and monuments, I’d do them all again and love every minute of it. While there, I’d hit my favorite Mexican restaurant, Rosa Mexicano. I dream of those wonderful pomegranate margaritas and the table side guac. Mmmmm…

From there, I’d go to Philadelphia, where I’d visit the Mutter Museum. Full of human oddities, they even have a plaster cast of Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. Then, a little visit to Atlantic City before I hit New York. Money being no object, I’d stay somewhere really nice and have room service for breakfast every single morning. A play every night, tours and museums all day. Such fun. On leaving New York, I’d hit Connecticut, where I lived many years ago. I’d love to drive by my old house and school, if I could find it!! I’d look up some friends that I haven’t seen in decades and have a grand old time catching up. On to New England. Boston, Providence and on up into Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine. I can only imagine how many beautiful places there would be to set up camp in those areas!!

I’d have to do some back-tracking to head west, but that’s ok by me. I’d stop at any cool looking place that caught my eye. I’d for sure stop in St. Paul to pick up one of my best friends, then we’d be off to South Dakota and Mount Rushmore, which is very high on my bucket list. After that, we could veer off the westward ho path and head to St. Louis and the arch. Isn’t Budweiser based there as well? Definitely worth a visit!! At some point, I’d need to land in Idaho, would I need to go through Montana to get there? As you can plainly see, my geography gets a little fuzzy at times. Seattle with a side trip to Vancouver would be a must!! Can you drive to Alaska? If so, then I’d be on my way there!!! Then the wineries of Oregon, down to Yosemite, San Francisco, Napa…YES!!! Morro Bay and the Central Coast wineries as well. Hooray for Hollywood and LA, maybe try to see a taping of “The Price is Right” even though I’d rather have been able to see old Bob Barker!!

Next…Vegas, baby!!! Stay in some penthouse suite, take a helicopter to the Grand Canyon, how cool would that be!!! I might be coerced into returning to Carlsbad Caverns, since I haven’t been there since the late 70’s. I’d love to go to San Antonio’s River Walk, then hit the cool music venues of Austin.

That would bring me just about full circle. I’m sure I’ve left out tons of places I’d love to visit. But, if time and money were no issue, I’d be a traveling fool, and I’d see not only the whole country, but most of the world. What a nice dream…