Just Over Half-way!


Today is Day 17 of my Whole30, and I’m getting stronger every day in my resolve not to blow it after I’m done.  Eating decent food can’t help but be good for me.  I sleep so much better and actually feel rested when I wake up.  I’ve ramped up my exercise as well.  I’ve been walking my dog around the block every morning (~1/2 mile), then bring her in, feed her, and head out to walk a mile on my own before getting ready for work.  I feel so envigorated!!  Last weekend I finally managed to get the kayak out on the water, and it was wonderful.  So peaceful…but, boy, were my arms sore.  I’m hoping that the weather will cooperate this weekend so I can take it out again.  Fingers crossed for that.  My clothes are beginning to feel a little looser.  I’m wearing a skirt today that I couldn’t get into a couple of weeks ago.  That’s extremely encouraging for me!!!

All in all, this has not been terribly difficult, especially since I’ve done it before.  I have found so many great recipes on the net that are REALLY good.  Helps to keep me from getting in a rut, which I do even when I’m not doing the Whole30.  Hard to believe how many Paleo websites are out there these days!!

Anyway, 13 and counting!!!  Good luck to all my fellow Whole30 adventurers!!  Hang in there–we got this!!


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