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Restaurant woes


I’m one of those horrible people who likes their steak (among other things) well done. And I really don’t understand why some people take this as a personal affront.  Others feel completely free to shame me about this, even waiters.  I had one tell me once that he would not ask the chef to “ruin a perfectly beautiful piece of meat.”  My response?  “If you or the chef  want to pay for my steak, he can cook it however he pleases, just box it up so I can take it home and cook it how I want it.  But since I’m paying for it, cook it like I want, or I can leave here and go to another restaurant!”  Who would the chef be ruining it for?  Not me, since that is the way I prefer it.  How big do you think that waiter’s tip was?Here’s another thing that irritates me–that disclaimer that the restaurant won’t be responsible for steaks requested above medium.  Really?  Because your chef can’t cook? Due to all this, I almost never order steak in a restaurant.  There is one place near my home that ALWAYS gets it right, Ely’s, so I know it can be done.  And the Longhorn steakhouse that I go to gets it right.  But these are absolutely the exceptions to the rule.  I have never once gotten a steak at Outback that I didn’t have to send back at least once.  I guess most chefs just don’t want to or don’t know how to cook a well done steak. That should be included in all culinary school curricula.  I even have trouble getting a burger well done.  I was in Perkins years ago and ordered a burger.  I told the waiter that well done was imperative.  The damn thing was still mooing and trying to graze on the lettuce when he brought it to the table.  I sent it back.  Next time?  Still blood red inside.  When it came back the third time still underdone, I just told him to take it back and forget it.  All my friends were done eating by this time,  and getting annoyed with the whole situation. You know what the doofus did?  Brought me a ticket!!!  WTF??  You really think I’m going to pay for something I didn’t eat?  I had to argue and finally request the manager before it got worked out.  Ree-donk-u-lous!!!!

So, all you people out there who like your steak, burger, whatever, rare, medium rare, however, enjoy.  I don’t have a problem with how you want to eat your food.  I may have to look away while you eat it, but I will never make fun of you or try to shame you about your choice.  It would be nice if all of you would give us “well doners” the same consideration.